Smart Fabric Medical Devices

smart fabric medical devices

Smart Fabric Medical Devices – Moving Beyond Consumer Gadgets

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Smart fabrics, a rapidly growing segment of the wearable devices market can include many combinations of biometric and physiological sensors depending upon the data that they are designed to collect. These data can include distance walked, calories burned, heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, location, perspiration, pressure and other data. The specifics of what is being measured drive the selection of components, signal conditioning components and connectivity chips that are used in a wearable device. The success of most medical devices is closely linked to user-interface design. This is particularly true in cases where there is substantial market competition and the associated technology has more or less matured, making user-interface quality a prominent factor in product differentiation.


smart fabric medical devices

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What You Will Learn

•  What smart fabric devices have been clinically tested and approved by the U.S. FDA for patient monitoring, how are they marketed, what are the device specifics, and who markets them?
•  What smart fabric devices are currently undergoing clinical testing, who are the developers, and what indications are they targeting?
•  What are the major factors driving smart fabric medical device demand?
•  What is the size of the market for smart fabric medical devices, and what will the market share be in 2024?
•  What are the key product attributes and design features that are critical to smart fabric medical device approval and acceptance?
•  What are the essential design factors, technologies and market development issues smart fabric medical device products?
•  What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for smart fabric medical devices?


Smart Fabric Medical Devices – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary
Wearable Sensors and Smart Fabrics Market Dynamics
Demand Drivers
Enabling Technologies
Medical Markets for Smart Fabrics
Physiological Patient Monitoring
Physiological Data
Vital Signs
Evolving Component Technology
Specialty Functional Materials
Durability and Reliability
Commercial Applications and Markets
Nanowear, Inc.
FDA Approved Products
Clinical Trial Activity
  Clinical Trial Activity
  Clinical Trial Activity
FDA Approved Products
  Clinical Trial Activity
  Clinical Trial Activity
Owlet Baby Care
  Clinical Trial Activity
FDA Approved Product
Market Factors
Regulatory Issues
Company Profiles