Subcutaneous Self Injection Markets to 2024


The reasons for the predominance of self administered injectables extend beyond drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Shifting the burden of injectable drug delivery to patients and away from professional caregivers addresses ongoing concerns regarding rising healthcare costs as well as the logistical burden on patients – particularly the elderly and physically or cognitively challenged – who must otherwise travel to clinics and offices to receive necessary drug therapies.



Because of the ongoing need for repeat dosing posed by chronic diseases, these indications represent significant drug volume and revenue opportunities, while simultaneously challenging the industry to develop products that meet the unique needs of the non-professional caregiver. For drugs designed to be administered by the patient, therapy-specific packaging is improving adherence and treatment outcomes. In the area of delivery, reusable injection devices designed to accept prefilled syringes or drug cartridges are improving ease-of-use and increasing the alternative device share of the growing self-injection market.