Self-Administered Autoimmune Injectables


By making the patient the single point of failure for dosing adherence and successful drug delivery, devices and protocols must be developed and tested to a new, higher standard. New generation drug injection devices are increasingly being created to address patient adherence issues by making the delivery of injectable drugs less complicated and intimidating



The advantages of administering immunotherapeutic injectables subcutaneously is now well accepted and has been more-or-less institutionalized in the drug life cycle development process for non-oncology indications. Antibody drug products indicated for chronic conditions such as autoimmunity are often re-formulated, re-packaged and re-labeled into injectable form and re-introduced two to three years post-market launch to address the growing economic pressure and patient desire to avoid the need for out-patient infusion in favor of self-injection. The migration to patient self-care presents several areas of concern.