Lyophilized Injectable Drugs to 2026


As the market evolves, strategies will continue to adjust, but one key factor will remain constant – a growing emphasis on the patient as the product end user. This focus will continue to drive refinements in delivery system ergonomics and patient-friendly features, and underscore another important trend – the use and growing reliance by drug developers on specialty device technology CSOs and CMOs.



The number of drugs supplied in lyophilized form has been growing at an increased rate over the past several years, mirroring the increase in the introduction of biological drugs. Liquid drugs that require refrigeration until dispensed – a requirement referred to as the ‘Cold Chain’ – can be formulated as powders to avoid the cost and logistics of cold storage. A number of factors are at play that are likely to influence the future demand picture for lyophilized drugs. Perhaps the most important is the underlying dynamics of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketplace as they apply to drug formulation and end user requirements.