Generic Oral Liquid Dosage Forms


The generic oral liquid dosage form drug segment is a rapidly evolving and highly unpredictable environment that has been a challenge to decision makers attempting to map strategies for success in this segment. There are 323 distinct APIs for which there is at least one approved generic oral liquid dosage form ANDA. These 323 APIs account for 1,141 approved ANDAs. Including all approved doses, the current universe of generic oral liquid dosage forms consists of 1,361 unique solution, suspension and syrup products. These products are marketed and supplied by 289 companies.



Competition among the various drug and therapeutic classes within the generic oral liquid dosage form category is uneven, with the top eight segments accounting for a disproportionate level of activity and revenue. Understanding the underlying factors affecting business performance is key to attaining financial targets. This report examines the 323 FDA-approved products in this category, and provides product, supplier and competitor maps for each drug category.