Generic Injectables Products Markets Strategies


In terms of generic injectable products, antibiotics are the largest and most competitive segment, representing a quarter of the total generic injectables market on a product basis. The remainder are spread over three dozen drug classes. The top three companies account for a third of all products, with the top ten companies accounting for just under half.This report analyzes generic injectable products and the indications and therapeutic classes in which they compete. The report includes analysis of competitive factors, ANDA filing strategies, market growth trends and strategic and economic factors, and provides assessments of the market presence of sector participants.



Generic injectables products market strategies analyzes the growing generic injectables segment. There are 247 distinct APIs that account for at least one approved generic injectable. These 247 APIs represent 1,198 distinct ANDAs. Including all approved doses, the current universe of generic injectables consists of 1,752 injectable products. These products are marketed and supplied by a growing list of more than one hundred companies.