Dual Chamber Injection Devices to 2024


In terms of market penetration, dual chamber injection devices have a significant presence in seven major therapeutic segments. We expect this number to grow as the influence of environmentally sensitive drugs on therapeutic patient care increases. Dual Chamber Syringes & Injectors to 2024: Devices, Therapeutics, Markets, Players and Forecasts includes detailed analysis of dual chamber devices, an analysis of dual chamber device markets, assessments of dual chamber device/drug products, and profiles of market participants.



The need to reconstitute lyophilized drugs at the point of administration and the potential safety and compliance issues this represents for patients has led to increasing interest in injection devices that can eliminate the number of steps required to reconstitute the drug and make it available for injection. Dual chamber syringes and injectors – devices that allow reconstitution to take place within the device immediately prior to injection – represent the most elegant engineering solution to this need, As biological drugs continue to grow in terms of therapeutics and total prescriptions, the impact of these specialty devices will increase, reaching a therapeutic market value of $5.3 billion annually in 2024.