Cardiovascular Stents


Angioplasty is often combined with the placement of a small wire mesh tube called a stent. The stent helps prop the artery open, decreasing its chance of narrowing again. Most stents are coated with medication to help keep your artery open (drug-eluting stents). Rarely, bare-metal stents may be used. Angioplasty can improve symptoms of blocked arteries, such as chest pain and shortness of breath. Angioplasty is also often used during a heart attack to quickly open a blocked artery and reduce the amount of damage to the heart.



For clinical success it is of significant importance to optimize DES design and explore novel strategies to overcome all problems including inflammatory response, delay endothelialization, and sub-acute stent thrombosis simultaneously. In this work, scientific reports are reviewed particularly focusing on recent advancements in DES design which covers both potential improvements of existing and recently novel prototype stent fabrications.