Breast Cancer Therapeutics Report


Overall survival rates for breast cancer vary worldwide, but in general they have improved. This is because access to medical care is improving in many nations and the majority of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at an earlier and localized stage. In addition, improved surgery and tailored adjuvant treatment regimens are available. The breast cancer therapeutics report examines this trend and explains how it is influencing patient care.



The breast cancer therapeutics report is a comprehensive analysis of the rapidly evolving advances in this key area of oncology. With a greater understanding of cellular chemistry and genomics during the past twenty years, cellular targets that are unique to cancer cells have been identified and chemotherapeutic agents which specifically bind to, destroy or otherwise inactivate these unique cellular targets have been developed. These agents which impede these unique or overexpressed cancer targets tend to be more selective, -thus more effective with fewer side-effects than traditional, non-selective chemotherapy. This report examines the recent developments driving advances in breast cancer treatment.