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Patch Pump Drug Delivery Market Dynamics

Patch Pump Drug Delivery Sector Overview

The patch pump drug delivery segment is currently comprised of about a dozen players. The product strategies that are represented by these market segment participants range from simple mechanical, manually activated reservoir devices that adhere to the skin, to variations on existing external wearable drug pump products that are designed to be more user-friendly, ergonomic and in tune with active patient lifestyles.


Patch Pump Drug Delivery Product Segments

At the macro level, patch pumps – both commercially available and in development – can be grouped into electronic devices and mechanical devices. The electronic devices feature a microprocessor-based remote pump controller that can perform many of the functions incorporated into external insulin pump products.

The mechanical, wearable reservoir devices represent a rather unique product segment. While simple to use and inexpensive, these device offer only limited utility when compared to existing drug delivery devices such as insulin pens. Because of the low barriers to entry, we foresee growing competition for what might easily become a commodity product segment as the ability to differentiate a branded device from competitive products results in price competition for market share.

Mechanical patch pumps do not have microprocessors or other types of integrated circuits, delivery the drug via a mechanical force, and provide a constant, fixed basal insulin dosage. Electronic insulin patch pumps rely on a microprocessor for determining the rate of basal insulin administration, using algorithms and capturing user preferences for future use. Some models feature algorithms that support delivery of boluses in standard, dual-wave, and square-wave forms.

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The Outlook for Patch Pump Drug Delivery

The patch pump product sector will be influenced by several macro trends that are affecting the therapeutic drug sector. In order to maintain the competitiveness of their proprietary drug candidates, large pharmaceutical companies seek delivery enhancements that will increase safety and efficacy, reduce side effects and make administration more convenient. Drug delivery companies can also apply their technologies to off-patent products to formulate their own proprietary products, which they often commercialize by seeking marketing collaborations with larger pharmaceutical companies that have greater capabilities and resources.

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