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A number of technologies that are utilized to treat cancers and in the process of stem cell transplantation result in neutropenia, a condition defined by abnormally low counts of neutrophils. Patients with neutropenia are at increased risk of infection. The primary indication for the recombinant colony stimulating factors covered in this report is neutropenia. Total global revenue for recombinant CSF drugs was slightly more than seven billion USD in 2016. Recombinant CSF drugs are the first class of protein drugs to feel the effects of biosimilars. More than half of the branded drugs in this class are biosimilars. This report examines each recombinant CSF in detail and forecasts the effects of the uptake of biosimilars on the global recombinant CSF market.

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What You Will Learn

• What are the recombinant CSF products that are have been given marketing authorization by the FDA or the EMA?
• Who supplies the API; the finished product? Who is the labeler; the marketer? What is the host system?
• Who are the major recombinant CSF suppliers; what are their facilities, and where are they located?
• What are the as-supplied characteristics for each CSF product and how are they administered?
• What is the probable impact of biosimilars on approved CSF products in North America; in Europe?
• What does the market look like today? What is the forecast for how it will look in 2022?
• What will be the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on the commercial potential of recombinant colony stimulating factors?

Recombinant Colony Stimulating Factors – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Recombinant CSF – The Market Opportunity

Treating Therapy-induced Blood Conditions
Therapeutic Demand Drivers
Demographic Factors
Competitive Landscape
Risk Factors

Sourcing Recombinant CSFs

Final Product
Supplier Ecosystem
Collaborations & Relationships

Recombinant CSFs – Indications & Markets

Myeloid Recovery
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Autologous Blood Progenitor Cell Collection

Recombinant CSFs– Product Analysis

Filgrastim Hexal

Recombinant CSFs – Market Data & Forecasts

Market Factors

Regulatory Issues
Packaging and Administration
Managed Care Initiatives

Company Profiles