hematology markets for recombinant therapies   Published February 2017  •  Catalog no. HMR232F17 •  Price US $2,850

Hematology conditions and diseases include some of the most intractable ailments to treat. The advent and growing availability of recombinant blood factors and related therapy-class drugs has created new clinical standards and protocols for treating a number of blood-associated conditions. This list includes hematopoietics for treating anemia, colony stimulating factors for treating neutropenia, and a fusion protein for treating hemophilia, as well as monoclonal antibodies and an a cytokine that acts as a thrombopoietic growth factor. The total global market for recombinant drugs indicated for hematology was $23 billion in 2016. There are fourteen active late-stage (phase 3 or 4) clinical trials for development-stage therapies. This report examines each recombinant therapy in detail and forecasts the market for each indication.

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Hematology Markets for Recombinant Therapies – What You Will Learn

• What are the recombinant drugs indicated for hematology conditions that have been given marketing authorization by the FDA or the EMA?
• Who supplies the API; the finished product? Who is the labeler; the marketer? What is the host system?
• What are the hematology drug classes targeted by recombinant therapies; what are their growth rates?
• Who are the major biotech companies operating in the hematology space; what are their facilities, and where are they located?
• What are the as-supplied characteristics for recombinant hematology therapies and how are they administered?
• What is the probable impact of biosimilars on the hematology sector in North America; in Europe?
• What does the market look like today? What is the forecast for how it will look in 2022?
• What will be the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on the commercial potential of recombinant therapies approved for treating hematology conditions?

Hematology Markets for Recombinant Therapies – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Hematology Therapeutics – The Market Opportunity

Treating Blood-related Conditions
Therapeutic Demand Drivers
Demographic Factors
Competitive Landscape
Risk Factors

Sourcing & Supply Chain

Final Product
Supplier Ecosystem
Collaborations & Relationships

Hematology – Indications & Markets

Antihemophilic Factors
Coagulation Factors
Colony Stimulating Factors
Erythropoiesis Stimulating Proteins
Platelet Inhibitor
Thrombopoietic Growth Factor
TPO Mimetic

Recombinant Therapies in Hematology – Product Analysis

Blood Factors
Colony Stimulating Factors
Fusion Proteins
Monoclonal Antibody

Market Data & Forecasts

Market Factors

Regulatory Issues
Packaging and Administration
Managed Care Initiatives

Company Profiles