Medical Device Sourcing – The China Market

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Locating medical device suppliers and understanding their business activities and capabilities can be a time-consuming endeavor. The rise of rapidly growing economies, particularly in Asia and South America are changing the landscape of the medical device industry. Devices receiving marketing authorization from the U.S. FDA are increasingly being manufactured outside of North America. Understanding the global medical device supply chain and the supplier relationships that drive this industry segment is an important success factor in the new product development decision process.

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Find Answers to Questions that can help Define your Sourcing Strategy

• Who are the key suppliers of medical devices in China?
• What medical device sourcing services are offered by Chinese companies? Where are they located?
• Who are the foreign private-label distributors in China?
• What is the distribution of contract medical device suppliers by device class in China? By location/province? By service offerings?
• Which province dominates the medical device sourcing landscape in China? For cardiovascular devices? For orthopedic devices? For general hospital devices? For Radiology devices?
• How do I find a list of Chinese companies that can perform the sourcing that I seek for the devices I require? Who are the contacts?

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary
Medical Device Sourcing – China Companies Services Performed
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Sterilization
Device Export
Device Import
Device Remanufacture
Device Repack or Re-label
Single-use Device Reprocess
Device Specification Development
Foreign Private Label Distribution
Medical Device Sourcing – Chinese Market Application Segments
Anesthesiology Devices
Cardiovascular Devices
Clinical Chemistry Devices
Dental Devices
ENT Devices
Gastroenterology/Urology Devices
General Hospital Devices
Hematology Devices
Immunology Devices
Microbiology Devices
Neurology Devices
Obstetrics/Gynecology Devices
Ophthalmic Devices
Orthopedic Devices
Pathology Devices
Physical Medicine Devices
Radiology Devices
Surgery Devices
Toxicology Devices
Medical Device Sourcing – the Provinces
Anhui Province
Beijing Municipality
Chongqing Municipality
Fujian Province
Gansu Province
Guangdong Province
Guangxi Province
Hebei Province
Henan Province
Hong Kong SAR
Hubei Province
Hunan Province
Jiangsu Province
Jiangxi Province
Liaoning Province
Shaanxi Province
Shandong Province
Shanghai Municipality
Shanxi Province
Sichuan Province
Tianjin Municipality
Zhejiang Province
Medical Device Sourcing – Market Data
Medical Device Sourcing – Company Contacts