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In recent years, the number of biological drugs in development and reaching the marketplace has increased significantly. The pace of this growth is encouraging suppliers to view competitors in new ways. Cooperation between and among drug developers and drug producers is occurring much earlier in the drug development cycle, allowing participants to improve supply chains and time-to-market. The result is an ecosystem that is often the result of opportunity rather than strategy. This report examines FDA and EMA-approved biological drugs and their position and potential in a dozen major disease segments – markets with important implications for drug developers, contract and supplier ecosystem partners and infrastructure participants. Growth prospects for key biological drug therapeutic segments will vary over the forecast period covered in this analysis, influenced by demographic, socioeconomic and competitive factors.

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The Global Recombinant Drug Ecosystem – What You Will Learn

What are the currently approved biological drugs; their host system, indication(s)?
• What are the key market segments for biological drugs; what is the competitive picture for each segment?
• What are the drug classes, therapeutic classes and market segments that comprise the global market for biological drugs?
• What are the supply chain dynamics of biological drug sourcing and commercialization?
• What is the revenue picture for each drug/class? What will it look like in 2020?
• Who are the leading biological drug suppliers, and what are the key collaborations in the sourcing cycle?
• What is the drug landscape for key market segments? What is the market share? What is the size?

The Global Recobinant Drug Ecosystem – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Biological Drug Market Dynamics

The Biological Therapeutics Market Space
Clinical Trials and Drug Approvals
The Competitive Landscape
Demographics, Managed Care and Growth
Risks and Opportunities

Recombinant Drug Analysis

FDA-Approved Drugs
EU-Approved Drugs
Approved Biosimilars

Recombinant Drug Sourcing

Sourcing by Company
Sourcing by Country
Sourcing by Region
Sourcing Relationships

Recombinant Drug Collaborations

Supplier Activities by Drug Class
Supplier Activities by Therapeutic Segment
Supplier Activity by Market Segment

Recombinant Drug Market Analysis

Antihemophilic Factors
Colony Stimulating Factors
Enzyme Therapy
Erythropoiesis-stimulating Proteins
Follicle Stimulating Hormones
Glycemic Control
Growth Hormones
Non-TNF Immune Modulators
TNF Inhibitors
VEGF Inhibitors

Market Factors

Regulatory Issues
Healthcare Economics

Company Activity Summaries


Global Recombinant Drug Ecosystem – Sample Graphics


Erythropoiesis Stimulating Protein Market


Enzyme therapy recombinant enzyme suppliers

Supplier Activity Map

Recombinant Drug Supplier Activity Map




Drug Summary Adcetris