Autologous Tissue Repair

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The ability to isolate, purify and re-inject patient-derived cells with regenerative properties has led to a number of therapeutic products for the treatment of refractory injuries and wounds. Autologous tissue repair is having an impact on a number of areas, including cardiovascular medicine, refractory wound care, orthopedics, and surgical medicine. The potential economic benefits of autologous tissue repair are significant, as an aging population struggles with intractable ailments that historically have required numerous follow-up provider visits. While several autologous therapies require remote processing, the number of therapeutic autologous products that can be processed at the point-of-care is increasing. This report details the autologous tissue repair products and development programs of twenty-seven separate companies in seven countries – companies working to shape the future of tissue regeneration.

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· Analyzes and evaluates autologous tissue repair products and product candidates and assesses the market potential for existing and probable future products

· Examines tissue repair demand drivers and evolving market factors

· Forecasts the impact of tissue regeneration technology and therapeutics on application segments and projects probable future developments

· Profiles autologous tissue repair market participants, their technology, product development activity, and business strategies

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Autologous Tissue Repair – Market Structure
Tissue Repair Market Segments
Demographics and Growth
Competitive Landscape
Demand Drivers
Risk Factors

Therapeutic Application Segment Analysis
Bone Graft Fixation
Ligament Repair
Cardiovascular Procedures
Neurosurgical Procedures
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
Wound Care
Acute Trauma
Diabetic Ulcers
Pressure Ulcers
Venous Ulcers

Autologous Therapeutics – Product Analysis, Outlook and Forecasts

Chondrocyte Harvesting
Cardiovascular Grafts
Epidermal Grafts
Macrophage Activation
Skin Cell Suspension
Thrombin/Platelet Gels
Platelet Rich Plasma
Stem Cell Isolation

Market Factors
Clinical Trial Enrollment
FDA Guidelines
Evolving Patient Demographics
Point-of-Care Processing
Protocols and End-Points

Autologous Tissue Repair Company Profiles