Transdermal Patch Markets for Specialty Materials

transdermal patch markets for specialty materials    Published January 2016  •  Catalog no. TPM292R  •  Price US $2,850

Advances in synthetic materials and patch design have led to transdermal drug patches that are more esthetically acceptable and that are capable of delivering sustained dosing of active compounds for several days in a small package. Growth in demand for drug patches is being driven by several factors – factors with strong demographic and population trend underpinnings. Further improvements to transdermal transport and the introduction of new patch designs will keep this segment expanding through 2020. Important materials markets for transdermal patches include patch backing layers, release liners, matrix materials and membranes. As patch designs expand to accommodate the need for higher drug loads in smaller packages, the role of specialty materials will remain a key design factor.

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What You Will Learn

• What are the transdermal drug delivery applications for specialty materials, and what are the key application requirements?
• What are the important transdermal drug delivery market segments and who are the leading sector participants?
• What are the key transdermal patch design factors, material selection issues, technologies and performance factors?
• What is the size and share of the transdermal market for specialty materials now? What will it look like in 2020?
• How important are pres-sales engineering, application support and development partnerships for material supplier design wins?
• Who are the leading transdermal patch manufacturers, and who are their supply chain partners?
• What are the important demand drivers for specialty materials in transdermal patch applications?

Transdermal Patch Markets for Specialty Materials – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Transdermal Drug Delivery Market Dynamics
Patch Construction
The Patch Supply Chain
Patch Demand Drivers
Competitive Landscape
Patch Manufacturing Technology
Profiles of Patch Manufacturers

Transdermal Patches – Opportunities for Materials

Release Liners
Backing Films
Semi-permeable Membranes
Adhesive Matrices
Other film classes
Coated Films

The Transdermal Patch Materials Market – Segment Analysis

Patch Product Classes
Branded Transdermal Patches
Generic Patches
Authorized Generic Patches
Patch Dosing
Daily Patches
Three day Patches
Weekly Patches
Approved Patches – Construction, Composition & Materials
Drug Reservoir Patches
Drug-in-Adhesive Patches
Multilaminate Patches

Transdermal Drug Patches – Demand Analysis & Forecasts

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Motion Sickness
Pain Management

Market Factors

Patch Testing
Clinical Trials
FDA Materials Listing Requirements
Regulatory Issues
Collaboration & Partnerships
Pre-sales Engineering and Support

Company Profiles