Active Transdermal Drug Delivery

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The administration of therapeutic drugs via e advantages of transdermal drug delivery for improving patient compliance, particularly for the treatment of chronic conditions, are well known. But growth of transdermal delivery has been restricted by the need to limit candidate drugs to molecules small enough to effectively pass through the stratum corneum, a limitation that excludes passive transdermal patches as a viable option for the growing number of protein and peptide therapeutic compounds that will represent an increasing share of future NCEs. New technologies that employ energy or mechanical designs to affect drug transport through the skin are expanding the type and number of drug candidates that are viable for transdermal delivery. Evolving active transdermal drug delivery systems will be well-positioned to address a significant segment of the large –molecule biological drugs expected to emerge from the convergence of automated discovery and genome mapping. As designs shrink in size and become more patient-friendly, opportunities for active transdermal delivery will increase.

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What You Will Learn

· What are the key segments and technologies that comprise the market for active transdermal drug delivery?
• What are the major therapeutic demand drivers for active transdermal drug products?
• What are the design issues and market factors that influence product commercialization?
• What is the market today and what will it look like in 2018?
• Who are the companies behind the current generation of active transdermal delivery and what are their business models?
• What is the role of pharma-device alliances and design partnerships?
• What is the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors?

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Active Transdermal Drug Delivery Market Dynamics

Active Transdermal Technology Overview
Market Drivers for Transdermal Delivery
Excipients and Penetration Enhancers
Competitive Landscape
Factors Limiting Growth

Active Transdermal Technologies

Electrical Current
Mechanical Arrays
Radio Frequency

Active Transdermal Design Factors

Drug Formulation Factors
Proprietary Delivery vs. 3rd Party Patches
Dosing and Rate Factors

Commercial Active Transdermal Platforms – Assessment & Prospects


Active Transdermal Delivery – Market Analysis & Forecasts

Nonviral Gene Delivery
Metabolic Diseases
Pain Management
Physical Medicine

Market Factors

FDA Regulations
Clinical Trial Process
Rx-to-OTC Switching
Shifting Patient Demographics

Market Participant Profiles