Engineered Drug Coatings & Coated Device Drug Delivery

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Advances in coating technology have given rise to a new generation of coating formulations that can reliably deliver therapeutic substances from the surface of an implanted medical device. In currently approved products, these devices provide a primary function, with the drug contributing therapeutic benefit that improves patient outcomes. Early successes of drug eluting devices has resulted in increased interest in coated device combination delivery systems for a host of conditions, involving a growing list of functional substrates. Acquisition activity has been high this sector, with smaller international players possessing unique proprietary technology being acquired by more established companies. We expect this trend to continue as competitors attempt to broaden their portfolio of technology offerings to accommodate the application needs of highly specific and evolving therapeutic protocols.

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What You Will Learn

· What marketed drugs are currently formulated as coatings or coated devices, what are the formulation and device specifics, and who markets them?

· What are the development-stage therapeutic products that employ a drug coating or drug coated device and what is the proprietary formulation, substrate, indication and developer for each product?

· What are the major factors driving drug coatings and coated drug devices?

· How important are coating formulator-drug developer-device manufacturer relationships and what are the key alliances in the industry?

· What are the essential design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues for coated device drug delivery products?

· Forecasts the impact of drug coatings and coated device therapeutics on healthcare markets to 2018

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Drug Coating Market Dynamics
Evolution in Drug Delivery Therapeutics
Coated Device Drug Delivery Market
Coating Science Technology
Proprietary Coatings
Drug/Coating Matrix Substrates
Drug Classes
Market Drivers
Evolution of Interventional Medicine
Patient Demographics
Competitive Landscape

Drug Delivery Coating Design Factors
Drug Release Technology
Drug Elution
Implant vs Indwelling
Site-specific Drug Delivery
Variable Delivery Profiles

Drug Delivery Coating Market Drivers
Drug Discovery Trends
Large-Molecule Biologics
Targeted Drug Delivery
Patient Compliance

Drug Delivery Coatings – Branded Platform Technologies by Company
Anticoagulant Coatings
Anti-inflammatory Coatings
Antimicrobial Coatings
Antiproliferative Coatings
Drug Class Specific Coatings

Drug Delivery Coatings – Therapies, Products, and Forecasts
Cancer Therapeutics
Coronary Stents
Peripheral Vascular Stents
Vascular Catheters
Vascular Grafts
Future Markets, Market Potential, & Forecast
Existing/Approved Drugs
New Drug Discovery

Market Factors
Regulations and Standards
Clinical Trial Process
Technology Licensing
Strategic Alliances
Combination Product Regulation

Market Sector Company Profiles