Autoimmune Injectables to 2020

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In spite of the growing understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms for a host of diseases and disease families, autoimmune conditions continue to be intractable to most therapies and difficult to treat. Because of the individual genetic variability underlying the incidence and severity of autoimmune symptoms, regional variations in the market for autoimmune therapeutics can be significant. This variability is compounded by differences in treatment protocols and cultural factors, which combine to make alliance partnerships with regional players of increasing importance. Over the past two years the introduction of new and improved injectables for treating autoimmune diseases is creating new options for clinicians and patients. This optimism is being reinforced by pipeline candidates that will further the effort to improve treatment protocols for patients. Autoimmune Injectables to 2020 is a comprehensive analysis of this rapidly evolving market.

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· Analyzes current therapeutic options for autoimmune diseases, and evaluates emerging therapeutic candidates and assesses their commercial potential

· Assesses existing and evolving immune disease mechanisms, treatment strategies and pipeline drug candidates

· Provides data and forecasts for major autoimmune disease segments to 2020

· Evaluates regional and global opportunities for autoimmune therapeutics

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Immune Modulation in Disease Therapeutics

Evolving Models of Disease and Human Health
The Immune Response in Disease Incidence, Treatment & Prevention
The Immune Cascade
Receptors, Ligands and Cell Signaling Pathways

Autoimmune Disease Therapeutics– Commercial Realities

FDA-Approved Drugs
Patient and Disease Demographics
Competitive Landscape
Factors Limiting Growth
Regulatory Factors
Cost per Dose and Managed Care
Side Effects, Black Box Warnings and Patient Compliance

Autoimmune Disease Therapeutics – Disease Segment Analysis

Multiple Sclerosis
Crohn’s Disease

Autoimmune Injectables – Indications, Market Data and Forecasts

Growth Factor inhibitors
T-Cell Receptor Inhibitors
Innate Immune Cell Receptor Inhibitors
B-Cell Receptor Inhibitors
Kinase Inhibitors
Co-stimulator Inhibitors
Chemokine Receptors
Transcription Factors
Vascular Adhesion Inhibitors
Toll-like Receptors
Other Immune Factor Drug Candidates

Business Factors

Regulatory Factors
Clinical Trial Protocols & Endpoints
Alliances and Partnerships

Autoimmune Injectables– Company Profile