Lyophilized Injectable Drugs to 2024


On-Body Subcutaneous injection systems   Lyophilized Injectables Drugs to 2024 •  August 2017 •  US $3,850

The inherent instability of protein drugs is a limitation that has a direct impact on the drug delivery sector. Therapeutic proteins must either be stored under special conditions or formulated to retain their efficacy from the time of manufacture until they are dispensed. Liquid protein drugs require refrigeration until dispensed – a requirement referred to as the ‘cold chain’. Alternatively, proteins can be formulated as powders (lyophilization). Lyophilized proteins must be reconstituted prior to injection. Lyophilized drugs are sold with reconstitution vial systems, or packaged in special injection devices (e.g., pens, needle-free injectors, two-part syringes) that allow reconstitution to take place in the device prior to injection.


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Lyophilized Injectable Drugs to 2024 – What You Will Learn

• Provides detailed analysis of lyophilized drugs, as-supplied packaging and therapeutic indication
• Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates lyophilized drugs in eleven therapeutic areas
• Analyzes lyophilization technologies and market development issues
• Provides market data and forecasts to 2024
• Profiles market participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations
• Assesses the importance of technology and regulatory factors on commercialization and market access

Lyophilized Injectable Drugs to 2024 – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

The Market Opportunity

Delivery Market Dynamics
The Economics of lyophilized Drugs
What’s Driving the Market for Lyophilized Drugs?
The Trend toward Self-Administration
Shifting Demographics
Innovation in Disposable Device Designs
Therapeutic Demand Drivers
Competitive Landscape
Risk Factors

Lyophilized Drugs – Primary Packaging

Single Use Vials
Point-of-Care Reconstitution
Specialty Packaging
Drugs for SC/IM Injection
Drugs for Infusion
Product Specific Devices

Lyophilized Drugs – Reconstitution and Delivery

Prefilled Diluent Syringes
Proprietary Reconstitution Devices
Single Step Devices
Multi-Step Devices
Human Engineering/Ergonomics

Lyophilized Drugs – Key Therapeutic Sector Analysis and Market Data

Autoimmune Diseases
Blood Factors
Infectious Diseases
Metabolic Conditions
Reproductive Health
Other Important Therapeutic Classes

Market Factors

Regulatory Issues
Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
Healthcare Economics

Company Profiles