Injectable Biosimilars to 2022

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After much anticipation, biosimilars are beginning to hit their stride. Unlike the generics sector, however, the complexities associated with the unique elements of every biosimilar relative to the brand biologic it seeks to compete with will continue to give the biosimilars segment a level of uncertainty that will foster a substantial element of risk for market participants. Beyond regulatory approvals, a number of factors related to regional differences in the uptake of biosimilars must be factored into any multi-year forecast of the global injectable biosimilars market. Substitution and interchangeability, the rules for which also vary geographically, will ultimately by impacted by patient acceptance and caregiver confidence. This report analyzes more than two dozen currently approved and expected injectable biosimilar products in eight important therapeutic segments and examines the impact of these products on regional drug markets.

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What You Will Learn

• What are the currently approved injectable biosimilars by region, what is their acceptance level and what effect have they had on drug pricing?
• What does the global injectable biosimilars pipeline look like, and what does this indicate about market competition over the next seven years?
• What are the key therapeutic markets for injectable biosimilars, and how will the arrival of biosimilars impact these markets?
• What are the regional factors and variations affecting the rate of approval by regulatory authorities?
• What are the regional factors that will influence uptake of injectable biologicals and how will these impact pricing, revenue and market share?
• What is the market share of injectable biosimilars by region and what will it by in 2022?
• Which companies are driving the injectable biosimilars sector and what is their market share now and in 2022?

 Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

The Market Opportunity

Biosimilars – A Disruptive Product Segment
Biosimilars Market Dynamics
What’s driving the Market for Injectable Biosimilars?
Competitive Landscape
Risk Factors

Injectable Biosimilars – Analysis and Market Data

Approved Injectable Biosimilars
Expected Injectable Biosimilars (2016 – 2022)

Regional Market Analysis


Therapeutic Sector Analysis

Autoimmune Diseases
Blood Factors
Infectious Diseases
Metabolic Conditions
Reproductive Health

Market Factors

Regional Regulatory Factors
The Economics of Injectable Biosimilars
Regional Market Acceptance Factors

Market Participant Pofiles