Smart Infusion Pumps

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Infusion is one of the most common therapeutic procedures that patients in a hospital setting are likely to receive. Yet the lack of standardization among the various components, elements and steps that a caregiver must navigate to successfully execute a drug infusion have – according to several recent studies – contributed to medication errors and risks to patient safety. The current generation of what can be referred to as advanced infusion pumps – ‘smart’ pumps – are attempting to address the risks associated with infusion by incorporating electronic and programmable features that either simplify the medication process or alert the caregiver to potential dangers or inconsistencies. New capabilities such as onboard drug libraries, dose error reduction software and wireless connectivity that allow the pump to interface with patient EMRs and patient monitors are pushing infusion toward a new era where the complexities inherent in the drug infusion process can be automated and the associated risks reduced.


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What You Will Learn

• Analyzes and evaluates marketed smart infusion pumps and assesses the market potential for existing and probable future products
• Analyzes product designs, features, and development issues
• Provides analysis of infusion market segments, market demographics, and commercialization factors
• Provides market data and forecasts to 2020
• Profiles smart infusion pump companies, their product development activities, business strategies, and alliances and affiliations
• Assesses the importance of standards, regulations and safety patient initiatives on future smart pump products
• Evaluates the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on IV drug delivery markets

Smart Infusion Pumps – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Medical Infusion Market Dynamics

The Growth of Infusion
Demand Drivers
The Impact of Market Evolution
The Home Care Market
Wearable Subcutaneous Infusion Systems
Untethered Medicine, Privacy and Cybersecurity
The Competitive Landscape

Smart Infusion Pump Design Factors

Automated Dose Calculation & Dose Error Reduction
Connectivity Strategies
Bar Codes and Bar Code Reading
Wireless Communication
Onboard Drug Libraries
Flow Control and Dose Monitoring
Software and Device Customization
Alerts and Alarm Fatigue

Smart Infusion Pump Commercialization Factors

The Shifting Drug Landscape
System Complexity and Caregiver Training
Device Integration and Safety
Technology Limitations and Risk Factors
Facility Asset Tracking and Pump Maintenance
Infusion Pump Life Cycle Management

Smart Infusion Pump Product Assessments

Market Factors

Regional Market Factors
Government Regulations
Issues sand Risks
Device Approvals
Device Interoperability

Company Profiles