Prefilled Syringes in 2017 & Beyond   Prefilled Syringes • Published December 2016  •  Catalog no. PDJ299K  •  Price US $2,850

The administration of therapeutic drugs via injection is an indispensable delivery method for numerous drugs critical to patient health and well-being. Now this segment is evolving in response to changing patient populations, new classes of powerful therapeutic drugs and healthcare administration initiatives. Population demographics and efforts by managed care providers to control healthcare costs are driving the growth in drug self-administration, particularly for chronic conditions, introducing a new class of naïve users to parenteral drug delivery. For Fill-and-Finish contractors, market proximity is an important competitive factor. As the use of prefilled syringes continues to grow, the issue of prefilled syringe safety has received increased attention, with both integrated prefillable safety syringes and safety solutions designed to accommodate existing prefillable syringes advancing commercially. This report analyzes eleven important prefilled syringe therapeutic segments and examines key regulatory, economic and competitive factors that represent potential barriers to commercial success.

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What You Will Learn

• What drugs are supplied in prefilled syringes, what are the drug + device specifics, and who markets them?
• Who are the branded prefilled syringe suppliers, their manufacturing infrastructure and locations, their capabilities?
• What are the major factors driving prefilled syringe demand?
• What is the importance of industry collaborations on commercial success and what are the specifics of these partnerships and alliances
• What are the essential design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues for prefilled injectable drug products?
• What are prefilled device categories that compete with prefilled syringes and what is their market share?
• What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for prefilled syringes?


Prefilled Syringes in 2017 & Beyond – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Prefilled Syringes in 2017 and Beyond

The Prefilled Device Landscape
Prefilled Syringe Market Drivers
Innovation in Prefillable Device Designs
Evolution of the Fill/Finish Ecosystem
Incidence of Chronic Conditions
NMEs and the Treatment of Refractory Diseases
Therapeutic Demand Drivers for PFS
Commercial Landscape – Competition & Collaboration

Prefilled Syringes – Design Factors

Drug Stability and Shelf Life
Material Selection Issues
Point-of-Use Reconstitution
Caregiver Safety
Human Engineering/Ergonomics

Prefilled Syringes – Commercial Devices

Prefillable Therapeutic Injectables
Glass Prefillable Syringes
Plastic Prefillable Syringes
Ready-to-Fill Safety Syringes
Specialty Prefillable Syringes
Flush Syringes
Diluent Syringes
Imaging Agent Syringes

Prefilled Syringe Market Segments – Market Data & Forecasts

Autoimmune Diseases
Emergency Medicine
Hematopoietics and Related ESPs
Metabolic Diseases
Reproductive Health

Market Factors

Regulatory Issues
Device Branding
Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
Healthcare Economics
PFS Sector Partnerships and Alliances

Company Profiles

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