Pen Injection Devices to 2024

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User-friendly syringe and injection device designs and the availability of an increasing number of drugs in prefilled insertable and disposable cartridges are propelling the growth of pen injection devices for self-administration. The cost of biologicals such as recombinant proteins has created interest in pen injectors to reduce cost and waste associated with the handling of vial-packaged drugs. A second factor is the continued adoption of custom pen designs as a way of differentiating injectables developed for self-administration through product branding. These devices feature one or more user-friendly features to further the product’s desirability relative to competing options.

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Pen Injection Devices – What You Will Learn

  • What injectable drugs are supplied in pen injection devices; what are the key market segments, market dynamics and market demographics?
  • What are the key therapeutic segments, demand drivers and commercial pen products?
  • What are the design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues?
  • How big is the pen injection device market? How fast is it growing? What will it look like in 2024?
  • Who are the leading device and drug sector participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations?
  • What is the importance of pharma-device alliances and design partnerships on pen injection device commercialization and market access?
  • What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for pen injection devices?

Pen Injection Devices – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Injectable Drug Sector Market Dynamics

Drug Classes and Devices

Indications and Demand

The Pen Injection Device Market

Device Growth Factors

Biological Drugs Proliferating

Growth of Self-Administration

Shifting Demographics

Device Design Innovation

Competitive Landscape

Risk Factors

Pen Injection Device Design Factors

Standardized Pen Platforms

Custom Pen Designs

Reusable Pens

Prefilled Pen Cartridges

Disposable Pens

Dual Chamber Pens

Variable vs Fixed Dosing

Connected Pens

Important Pen-Delivered Drug Classes



Dopamine Receptors


Human Growth Hormone

Immune Modulators

Insulins and Antihyperglycemics

Parathyroid Hormone

Reproductive Hormones

Serotonin Antagonists


Pen Injectors – Therapeutic Sector Assessment


Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases


Emergency Medicine


Hormone Replacement


Reproductive Health

Other Commercial Pen Markets & Products

Market Factors

Regulatory Considerations

Patient Preferences and Compliance

Managed Care Initiatives

Private Labeling

Company Profiles