Dose Management Injection Devices

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For self-administration, compliance with drug therapy and disease management protocols has become a primary concern within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Autoinjectors are designed to address the patient compliance issue by making the delivery of injectable drugs less complicated and intimidating. Efforts to enhance compliance have a non-negligible effect on drug formulations and delivery decisions, and are a significant factor in the prescribing decisions of most physicians. For chronic conditions compliance has a direct effect on the patient’s quality-of-life. Injectable devices with Dose management features address the natural desire of patients for simplicity, and encourage enhanced compliance and appropriate behavior. Dose management features that are increasingly being integrated into injection devices include dose memory, dose time stamping, selectable cartridge concentration, and audible prompts. Markets include OEM devices and aftermarket add-on dose reminders.

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· Provides detailed analysis of injection devices that incorporate features designed to assist patient in self-managing injectable drug dosing
• Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial dose management injection devices in key product segments
• Analyzes design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues
• Assesses key market segments, market dynamics and market demographics
• Provides market data and forecasts
• Profiles market sector participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations
• Evaluates the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

The Market Opportunity
Delivery Market Dynamics
The Trend toward Self-Administration
Shifting Demographics
Innovation in ‘Intelligent’ Devices
Medication Event Monitoring Systems
Therapeutic Demand Drivers
Competitive Landscape

Dose Management Injection Device Design Factors
Ergonomics and Branding
Prefillable vs Disposable Designs
Cost and Reliability

Injectable Dose Management – Commercial Devices & Combination Products
Dose Memory
Constant Dosing
Variable Dosing
Symlin Pen
Gonal-f Pen
Genotropin Disposable
Dose + Time since Last Dose
NovoPen 5
NovoPen Echo
Dose + Time Stamp
HumaPen Memoir
Selectable Cartridge Concentration
Audible Prompts/Voice-guided Injection
Aftermarket/Add-on Devices
Insulin (Time of Last Injection)

Market Factors
Regulatory Issues
Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
Healthcare Economics

Company Profiles