Dry Powder Inhalation Devices, Products and Markets

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Converging Factors Driving the Growth of Dry Powder Inhaled Delivery

The rising potential of dry powder inhalation is being driven by research activity in powder formulations, advances in particle engineering, and the development of novel device architectures. The combination of improved particle properties and more efficient inhaler designs is creating new opportunities for dry powder inhalation and expanding the range of active compounds that can be effectively delivered to the lung via DPI. As aging population demographics and managed care initiatives drive growth in home health care and self-administration of drug therapies, inhaled medicine is increasingly being viewed as patient – friendly and cost -effective. Our analysis demonstrates that inhaled administration in general, and DPI in particular, are well positioned to take advantage of these trends and evolve into a significant factor in the future of pharmaceutical development and the commercialization of therapeutic drugs.

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Dry Powder Inhalation Devices, Products and Markets – What You Will Learn

  • What inhalable drugs are supplied in powder form, how are they marketed, what are the device specifics, and who markets them?
  • What inhalable dry powder drugs are in late stage development, who are the developers, and what indications are they targeting?
  • What are the major factors driving inhaled dry powder drug/device demand?
  • What is the size of the market today, who are the market share leaders, and what will the market share be in 2026?
  • How important are drug developer-device manufacturer relationships and what are the key alliances in the industry?
  • What are the essential design factors, technologies and market development issues for dry powder inhalation products?
  • What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for dry powder inhalers?



Dry Powder Inhalation Devices – Summary of Contents


Executive Summary

The Drug Delivery Self-Administration Market Space

The Inhaled Drug Value Proposition
Market Segments and Indications
Competing Technologies
Established Therapeutic Targets
Demographics and Growth
Market Drivers
Risk Factors

Dry Powder Technology & Markets

Dry Powder Formulations
Particle Technology/Engineering
DPI Product Segments
DPI Inhaler Design Categories
DPI Commercial Strategies
DPI Product Design Parameters

Commercial Device Assessment & Analysis (31 Devices)
Drug Form Factor
Drug Dosing
Drug Delivery Method
Dose Design
Device Life Cycle
Patient Feedback Features
Advanced Patient Care Management Features
Device Ecosystem
Device Design
Device Supplier
Device Marketing

FDA Approved DPI Products
Mono-drug Products
Dual Drug Products
EMA Approved DPI Products
Mono-drug Products
Dual Drug Products

Therapeutic Segment Analysis, Data & Forecasts
Upper Respiratory
Systemic Indications

Market Factors
Regulatory Issues
Device Branding
Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
Healthcare Economics

Company Profiles


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