Digital Management of Chronic Injectable Drug Patients

digital management of chronic injectable drug patients  Digital Management of Chronic Injectable Drug Patients 

  DMJ998R • April 2022 • US$3,850


For self-administration, adherence with drug therapy and disease management protocols has become a primary concern within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. For chronic conditions adherence has a direct effect on the patient’s quality-of-life. Drug injection devices that are designed to address the patient adherence issue by reminding and recording data about patient dosing activity and making it available to HCPs – are gaining interest among industry and managed care participants. Efforts to enhance adherence have a non-negligible effect on drug formulations and delivery decisions and are a significant factor in the prescribing decisions of most physicians. The connected device ecosystem includes OEM device suppliers, drug developers, human factors consultants and aftermarket third-party devices.



Digital Management of Chronic Injectable Drug Patients – What You Will Learn

•  What drug injection devices incorporate digital connectivity technology, how do they work and what new capabilities do they offer to patients and their HCPs?
• What benefits do connected drug injectors provide to patients in the area of improving the patient experience? Patient reported outcomes? HCP/patient communication?
• What therapeutic areas are the current focus of digital enabled devices?
• Who are the companies behind the rise of digital patient management? What are their development activities and corporate alliances and affiliations?
• What is the importance of pharma-device alliances and design partnerships on digital patient management commercialization and market access?
• What does the current market for connected drug injection devices look like? What will it look like in 2028?
• What are the key market drivers for the growth of digital patient management?


Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Injectable Drug Development Trends
The Rapid Rise of Prefilled Injection Devices
Factors Driving Drug Self-Administration
Design Ergonomics
Competitive Landscape
Connectivity Technologies
Wireless Technologies
Near Field Communication
Digitally Enabled Devices
Enable Injections
Merck Serono
Bayer HealthCare
SHL Medical
EMD Serono
Elcam Medical
Ypsomed AG
Biocorp (2)
Companion Medical
Third Party Devices
Gocap (Common Sensing)
EASYLOG (Biocorp)
Bee (Vigilant)
Veta EpiPen Smart Case (Aterica)
Digital Management Tools and Services
Challenges Surrounding Chronic Drug Injection
Patient Management Software
Digital Management Initiatives & Services
Federal Initiatives
The Role of Telemedicine
Digital Management Tools and Solutions
Klarus System
Company Profiles