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Device Application Activity – Contrast & Compare

Device application activity is based on a global medical device market that includes 31,000 FDA listed suppliers across 96 countries supplying 5,300 product codes. So when your Boss comes up to you late on Friday afternoon and asks you to summarize the device activity of a major competitor across all sixteen FDA-defined device applications, what’s your first move? You could run a query using the FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing search form in your browser. But that’s going to raise more questions than it answers, especially for a large company. So what’s your next move? 


The Device Application Activity Jungle

Let’s assume that the competitor of interest is Baxter Healthcare. Baxter supplies 61 product codes to the market, and that’s just counting it US-based facilities. Globally, the Company supplies 134 distinct product codes across sixteen subsidiaries. What to do?


You could go through the four pages of rows returned by the online form. It would look something like this:





And this is only the top half of the first page of returned results. You could be in for a long lonely weekend.





But there is another way. You could use an interactive data analysis tool. These tools import large data sets and then use filters and calculations to parse, sort and collate the underlying data into easily displayable and understandable visualizations, like the one below:


device application activity


The Table above was generated using TotalVision©, a tool developed by Greystone specifically to assist medical device professionals in analyzing product and participant data rapidly and accurately.


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