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Deuterated Drugs: Products, Pipelines, Strategies, Therapeutics and Markets is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the technology, products and participants providing the driving force behind this evolving segment of the healthcare sector. The study is designed to provide drug company decision makers, drug formulation developers, product designers, healthcare marketers, and supply chain participants with a detailed understanding of the economics, technologies, disease segments, and commercial opportunities for drugs that incorporate deuterium into the chemical structure of APIs to modify drug properties in vivo. Provider organization business managers, healthcare administrators and investors will also benefit from this study.


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Deuterated Drugs – What You Will Learn

• What deuterated drugs are currently FDA-approved or in late-stage development, what are their distinguishing properties, how are they marketed, and what are the therapeutic specifics?
• What are the major factors driving the development of deuterated drugs?
• What are the product strategies of deuterated drug developers?
• What is the size of the deuterated drug market today, who are the active sector participants, and what will the market look like in 2024?
• How important are formulator-developer-manufacturer relationships and what are the key alliances in the industry?
• What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for deuterated drugs?

Deuterated Drugs – Summary of Contents


Executive Summary


Drug Therapy Market Dynamics

Market Segments and Indications

Competing Technologies

Market Drivers

Drug Re-positioning/Re-purposing

Extending Patent Life

Dosing Frequency & Patient Adherence

Competitive Landscape






Deuterated Drug Therapeutics


Formulation Technology

Drug Property Kinetics

Extending Dosing Intervals

Addressing Unmet Therapeutic Needs


Selected Near-term Therapeutic Targets


Neurotransmitter Regulation

Transmembrane Conductance

Kinase Inhibitors


Mitochondrial Function Modulation



Deuterated Drugs – Near-term Therapeutic Market Analysis     



Autoimmune Diseases






Market Factors


Regulations and Approvals

Clinical Trials & End Points

IP/Patent Factors

Defensive Patent Strategies

Healthcare Economics


Company Profiles