Medical Device Sourcing – The China Market

China consists of 4 Municipalities, 23 Provinces, and 5 Autonomous regions. Medical Device Product and Service suppliers are spread across the provinces unevenly, with the number of companies located within a particular province ranging from over a thousand to less than ten. Sixty-five percent of the more than five thousand medical device companies located in China and listed in the FDA’s Establishment Registration database are within three provinces.

At the province level, the Chinese government is attempting to move the medical device industry to a more competitive posture relative to foreign competitors. Health authorities have established fast-track review and market approval processes for medical device innovations, and medical device companies that have promising innovation and R&D capabilities enjoy favorable financial, policy and service support, especially if they are located in industrial parks or development zones.

Device Diversity across Provinces in China

As China looks to increase the share of medical devices supplied by domestic suppliers, it is also looking to sell its own devices abroad, especially in Africa. Until recently, China’s main medical device exports were low-end disposables, such as syringes and gloves. In the last eight years, however, Chinese medical devices have moved up the value chain to include higher-tech devices like therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. According to Chinese Customs data, Africa this year has imported nearly $460 million worth of Chinese medical devices ranging from low end disposable to advanced diagnostic tools. This is an increase of almost $100 million from last year, helping to replace some of the lost revenue due to U.S. tariffs on Chinese medical devices as part of the ongoing trade war.

What You Will Learn

• . Who are the key suppliers/CMOs of medical devices in China?

•    What medical device sourcing services are offered by Chinese companies? Where are they located?

•    Who are the foreign private-label distributors in China?

•    What is the distribution of contract medical device suppliers by device class in China? By location/province? By service offerings?

•    Which province dominates the medical device sourcing landscape in China? For cardiovascular devices? For orthopedic devices? For general hospital devices? For each of the device application classes?

•    How do I find a list of Chinese companies that can perform the tasks that I seek for the devices I require?

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