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MEDICAL DEVICE SOURCING ITALY  • MDS643D • August 2020 • US $2,850 medical device sourcing Italy



Locating medical device suppliers and understanding their business activities and capabilities can be a time-consuming endeavor. The rise of rapidly growing economies, particularly in Asia and South America are changing the landscape of the medical device industry. Devices receiving marketing authorization from the U.S. FDA are increasingly being manufactured outside of North America. Understanding the global medical device supply chain and the supplier relationships that drive this industry segment is an important success factor in the new product development decision process

There are 490 medical device companies located in Italy and listed in the US FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing for 2020. This publication categorizes them based upon their industry activities, device applications and service offerings. This publication includes information, data and market visualizations on this important market segment that are designed to provide clarity insight to subscribers and their colleagues.



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What You Will Learn

• Who are the key suppliers/CMOs of medical devices that are located in Italy?
• What medical device sourcing services are offered by device companies in Italy? Where are they located?
• Who are the foreign private-label distributors in Italy?
• What is the distribution of contract medical device suppliers by device class in Italy? By location/province? By service offerings?
• Which province dominates the medical device sourcing landscape in Italy? For cardiovascular devices? For orthopedic devices? For general hospital devices? For Radiology devices?
• How do I find a list of companies in Italy that can perform the tasks that I seek for the devices I require?


Summary of Contents

Summary and Scope

Medical Devices in Italy

Medical Device Sourcing – Medical Application Segments



Clinical Chemistry




General Hospital









Physical Medicine



Medical Device Sourcing – Suppliers by Province

Service Types Offered by Device Application & Product Code

FDA Listed Medical Device Companies Operating in Italy