Cardiovascular Stents

Cardiovascular Stents • MDR626R • September 2020 • US $1,850 cardiovascular Stents



Efforts to correct perceived weaknesses in current coated devices has led to an intense level of activity, with major players being joined by more than a dozen companies with the technology and expertise to make their mark on the DES landscape. These participants are exploring a number of new and innovative approaches that include novel stent geometries specifically designed for the dual purpose of lumen integrity and drug delivery, non-durable stents, new classes of drugs, novel coating application technologies and strategies, and drug-only coatings. 


cardiovascular stents


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What You Will Learn

•  Who are the key suppliers/CMOs of cardiovascular stent devices?
• What medical device sourcing services are offered by companies in the cardiovascular stent space?
• What is the distribution of medical device suppliers by device class?
• Which countries/regions dominate the cardiovascular stent market?
• How do I find a list of cardiovascular stent companies that can perform the tasks that I seek for the devices I require?


Summary of Contents

Cardiovascular Stents    

The Geographic Dispersion of Cardiovascular Stent Suppliers in the USA

The Geographic Dispersion of  Stent Suppliers in Europe

Cardiovascular Stents – Products by Supplier

Services Supplied by Listed Suppliers   

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