Biological Drugs Trend Report

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In recent years, the number of biological drugs in development and reaching the marketplace has increased significantly. Keeping track of this market segment is becoming more challenging. This report combines all of the essential information in on place. You’ll find answers to questions such as, ‘Who supplies the API, the final product? How much is sold? How much will be sold? What are the industry partnerships? What is the role of company subsidiaries? How are they packaged and delivered?  What are their indications?’, as well as answers to many more questions?

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Biological Drugs Trend Report – What You Will Learn

• What are the drug details for all biological drugs approved by the FDA and/or the EMA?
• What are the activities of biotech and pharma companies operating in the biological drug space?
• What are the essential elements of each approved biological drug – host vector, RoA, API, primary packaging?
• What are the facility activities for each biological drug market participant?
• How are biological drugs administered? What is the as-supplied device packaging?
• What are the historical revenue and forecast revenue for each biological drug?
• What are the key supplier relationships in the biological supply chain?
• What is the current approved biosimilars environment?
• Who are the significant players in this segment?

Biological Drugs Trend Report – Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Biological Drug Products

Development Activity


Biological Drug Class Summaries

Blood Factors
Colony Stimulating Factors
Fusion Proteins
Monoclonal Antibodies

Company Activity

Biological Drug Activity Charts for the top 24

Company Activity by Facility

Facility Activity by for each Company

Biological Drug Delivery

Drug Summaries for 146 Biological Drugs

Revenue Performance/Forecasts for 146 Biological Drugs