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Biological Drugs As-supplied Packaging gets more Patient Friendly

Biological Drugs As-supplied Packaging is getting more Patient Friendly. The growth in biological drugs is both a phenomenon and an inflexion point in the practice of patient centered medical care. Not only are biologicals leading the market for new and innovative NCE’s, because they target previously intractable and refractory conditions they are opening up new and underserved areas in clinical pharmacology. 

As a technology that was only a decade ago at once both novel and complex to the point of generating batch yields that were marginal at best, recombinant protein and peptide manufacturing has become an indispensable sector in the global drug industry. As the technology has evolved and matured and become easier to implement and manage, the number of companies competing in the recombinant segment has grown dramatically. The listed companies in the chart below represents less than a fifth of the total number of biological drug suppliers with at least one FDA approved biological drug product.


Source: Greystone Research


In addition to process evolution and maturation and the changing competitive landscape, the biologicals market is evolving in other important ways. Because of the chronic nature of the indications they target and the subsequent need for repeated dosing over time, biologicals have become the leading class of non-oral dosage forms to be supplied in primary packaging designed to support patient self administration. Currently, the number of biologicals supplied in prefilled syringes and autoinjectors has reached just under 30% of all drugs in this class, up from 3% in 2005.


Biological Drugs as-supplied packaging

Source: Greystone Research


We expect this trend – biological drugs as-supplied packaging – to continue as biosimilars enter the market and seek to compete with first-in-class drugs on an equal footing in the eyes of prescribers and patients.

More information on this market can be found in Greystone’s just-released market analysis – Point-of-Care and Self-administered Biologicals to 2026.

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JUST PUBLISHED: Point-of-Care and Self-administered Biologicals