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Baxter Healthcare Medical Devices – Most Active Medical Device Companies

TBaxter Healthcare Medical Deviceshis post on Baxter Healthcare medical devices is a continuation of a series of posts that examine a group of companies that are considered to be among the global leaders in the medical device industry. Inclusion to this group is not based on any quantitative measure, such as annual sales in revenue or units, but on a company’s overall medical device sector activity – things that include the number of business units in the company’s device supply stream, or the number of product codes per device application segment. In other words, each company’s overall global footprint. 


Much of the data for this post came from Greystone’s fully searchable version of the FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing database (EstReg DB). The database, which is updated annually, is the most comprehensive listing of medical device suppliers and service providers in the world. We’ve created a fully searchable version of the database – TotalVision©. More information on TotalVision© can be found at the end of this post.


Baxter Healthcare Medical Devices – Geographic Reach


Baxter manages its business based on three geographic segments: Americas (North and South America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific). Each our segment provides a broad portfolio of essential healthcare products, including acute and chronic dialysis therapies; sterile IV solutions; infusion systems and devices; parenteral nutrition therapies; inhaled anesthetics; generic injectable pharmaceuticals; and surgical hemostat and sealant products.

In the EU, Baxter Healthcare medical devices are supplied from nine locations in seven countries, including five in Europe and two in northern Africa.


Baxter Healthcare Medical Devices – Device Applications


Device Application Number of Products/PCDs
Cardiovascular 19
Clinical Chemistry 5
Gastroenterology/Urology 54
General Hospital 54
Hematology 2
Neurology 3
Obstetrics/Gynecology 7
Orthopedics 19
Surgery 45


Baxter Healthcare Medical Devices – Recent M&A


Cheetah Medical

In October 2019, we acquired 100 percent of Cheetah Medical, Inc. (Cheetah) for total upfront cash consideration of $195 million, net of cash acquired, with the potential for additional cash consideration, up to $40 million, based on clinical and commercial milestones for which the acquisition date fair value was $18 million. Cheetah is a leading provider of hemodynamic monitoring technologies.

Recothrom and Preveleak

In March 2018, we acquired two hemostat and sealant products from Mallinckrodt plc: RECOTHROM Thrombin topical (Recombinant), the first and only stand-alone recombinant thrombin, and PREVELEAK Surgical Sealant, which is used in vascular reconstruction. The purchase price included an upfront payment of approximately $163 million and potential contingent payments in the future. 


Claris Injectables Limited

In July 2017, we acquired 100 percent of Claris Injectables Limited (Claris), a wholly owned subsidiary of Claris Lifesciences Limited, for total cash consideration of approximately $629 million, net of cash acquired. Through the acquisition, we added capabilities in production of essential generic injectable medicines, such as anesthesia and analgesics, renal, anti-infectives and critical care in a variety of presentations including bags, vials and ampoules.


Sarafilm Adhesion Barrier

In December 2019, we entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier (Seprafilm) from Sanofi. The transaction closed in February 2020 and we paid approximately $345 million for the acquired assets, subject to a post-close adjustment. Seprafilm is indicated for use in patients undergoing abdominal or pelvic laparotomy as an adjunct intended to reduce the incidence, extent and severity of postoperative adhesions between the abdominal wall and the underlying viscera such as omentum, small bowel, bladder, and stomach, and between the uterus and surrounding structures such as tubes and ovaries, large bowel, and bladder. 



As mentioned above, much of the data for this post came from Greystone’s fully searchable version of the FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing database. The database, which requires listed entities to update their data annually, is the most comprehensive listing of medical device suppliers and service providers in the world. We’ve built a user friendly interface that allows industry professionals to parse, collate and aggregate medical device information across geographic locations (cities, states, provinces, countries), device applications (e.g., cardiovascular, ENT, orthopedics, surgery, etc.), product codes, suppliers, and establishment services (e.g., contract manufacturing, re-packagers, specifiers, etc.). This information tool – TotalVision© – allows users to search the 41,000 rows in the database across thirteen tables and eight searchable dimensions and return precise data sets and information by filtering the data, in a matter of seconds. For more information on TotalVision©, please reach out to us by using the form below.


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