About Us

Challenges and Solutions

As enabling technologies in the areas of discovery, design, and development and our growing knowledge of the intimate metabolic and regulatory processes of life converge, the pace of change within the life science sector continues to accelerate, resulting in an almost day-to-day influence on the competitive landscape. In this environment, a clear understanding of essential information becomes a critical component of successful business decisions.

 Our Focus

As life science consultants, we focus on one industry and one objective – providing management guidance in an increasingly dynamic medical technology marketplace. This is more than a business model – we consider it our corporate responsibility. The value we provide to our clients and subscribers is best illustrated by our ability to consistently provide strategic direction and market knowledge that contributes to their tactical and strategic decision process.

We deliver our knowledge franchise through concise market appraisals, company analysis, and technology reports. Our publications are designed, researched and written to provide timely and insightful information and data on focused market segments, with the aim of providing market participants with the essential knowledge necessary to refine and execute their marketing plans and achieve their financial targets.


Timely and Insightful Analysis

The pace of innovation within the healthcare sector continues to accelerate as new discoveries, research tools and development partnerships change the productChart_Collage_160 landscape. In this rapidly evolving climate, decision makers are being challenged to adapt their product development strategies while adjusting project requirements to reflect changing competitive conditions and market realities. By creating and delivering crisp, collated and comprehensive analysis and assessments of current and probable future market conditions, our research assists pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device managers in understanding the moment-to-moment marketplace.  


Customer Defined Research

As technology and products evolve, the level of precision in management decisions required to
enable effective company performance is increasing. Such precision cannot be achieved without timely and accurate data about the company’s macroscopic operating environment. The information that you and your management team require to execute your business and market strategies is unique to your organization and business model.  This is why – in addition to the multi-client reports you will find on our site – we offer client-specific research services that start with customer-defined needs and culminate in assessments and analysis that answer the questions that represent risk to your business strategy. To discuss Greystone’s Customer Defined Research services, we invite you to contact us.