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Abbott Laboratories Medical Devices – Most Active Medical Device Companies

TAbbott :Laboratories Medical Deviceshis post on Abbott Laboratories medical devices is a continuation of a series of posts that examine a group of companies that are considered to be among the global leaders in the medical device industry. Inclusion to this group is not based on any quantitative measure, such as annual sales in revenue or units, but on a company’s overall medical device sector activity – things that include the number of business units in the company’s device supply stream, or the number of product codes per device application segment. In other words, each company’s overall global footprint. 


Much of the data for this post came from Greystone’s fully searchable version of the FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing database (EstReg DB). The database, which is updated annually, is the most comprehensive listing of medical device suppliers and service providers in the world. We’ve created a fully searchable version of the database – TotalVision©. More information on TotalVision© can be found at the end of this post.

Abbott Laboratories Medical Devices – Device Applications

Abbott Laboratories medical device products include a broad line of rhythm management, electrophysiology, heart failure, vascular and structural heart devices for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes care products for people with diabetes, as well as neuromodulation devices for the management of chronic pain and movement disorders. Medical devices are manufactured, marketed and sold worldwide. In the United States, depending upon the product, medical devices are generally marketed and sold directly to wholesalers, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physicians’ offices, and distributors from Abbott-owned distribution centers and public warehouses. Outside the United States, sales are made either directly to customers or through distributors, depending on the market served.
The principal products included in the Medical Devices segment are:
● rhythm management products, including Assurity MRI® and Endurity MRI® pacemaker systems; Ellipse® and Fortify Assura® implantable cardioverter defibrillators and Quadra Assura MP® implantable cardioverter defibrillator with cardiac resynchronization therapy and MultiPoint® Pacing technology; and Confirm Rx® implantable cardiac monitor;
● electrophysiology products, including the TactiCath® family of ablation catheters and FlexAbility® irrigated ablation catheters; Ampere® RF ablation generator; EnSite Precision® cardiac mapping system; and the Advisor® HD Grid mapping catheter;
● heart failure related products, including the HeartMate™ left ventricular device family and the CardioMEMS® HF System pulmonary artery sensor, a heart failure monitoring system;
● vascular products, including the XIENCE™ family of drug-eluting coronary stent systems developed on the Multi-Link Vision® platform; StarClose SE® and Perclose ProGlide® vessel closure devices, TREK® coronary balloon dilatation products, Hi-Torque Balance Middleweight Universal II® guidewires, Supera® Peripheral Stent System, a peripheral vascular stent system; Acculink®/Accunet® and Xact®/Emboshield NAV6®, carotid stent systems; and the OPTIS® integrated system with the Dragonfly OPTIS® imaging catheter and PressureWire® fractional flow reserve measurement systems;
● structural heart products, including MitraClip®, a percutaneous mitral valve repair system; Trifecta® Valve with Glide™ Technology, a surgical tissue heart valve; Portico® transcatheter aortic heart valve; Regent™ mechanical heart valve; AMPLATZER® PFO occluders; and Tendyne® Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation (TMVI) system;
● continuous glucose and blood glucose monitoring systems, including test strips, sensors, data management decision software, and accessories for people with diabetes, under the FreeStyle® brand such as the FreeStyle Libre® system; and
● neuromodulation products, including spinal cord stimulators Proclaim® Elite and Proclaim® XR Recharge-free implantable pulse generators (IPG) and Prodigy MRI® IPG, each with BurstDR® stimulation, and Proclaim® DRG IPG, a neurostimulation device designed for dorsal root ganglion therapy, for the treatment of chronic pain disorders; and the Infinity® Deep Brain Stimulation System with directional lead technology for the treatment of movement disorders.



As mentioned above, much of the data for this post came from Greystone’s fully searchable version of the FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing database. The database, which requires listed entities to update their data annually, is the most comprehensive listing of medical device suppliers and service providers in the world. We’ve built a user friendly interface that allows industry professionals to parse, collate and aggregate medical device information across geographic locations (cities, states, provinces, countries), device applications (e.g., cardiovascular, ENT, orthopedics, surgery, etc.), product codes, suppliers, and establishment services (e.g., contract manufacturing, re-packagers, specifiers, etc.). This information tool – TotalVision© – allows users to search the 41,000 rows in the database across thirteen tables and eight searchable dimensions and return precise data sets and information by filtering the data, in a matter of seconds. For more information on TotalVision©, please reach out to us by using the form below.


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