Technology Assessment, Market Knowledge, Strategic Direction

technology assessment market knowledge strategic direction

Greystone Associates is focused on providing the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive technology assessments, market knowledge, strategic direction and forecasts for the life science technology and market sectors that comprise our practice areas. We provide this knowledge and insight to our clients and subscribers through published reports, real-time market advisories, and tailored consulting.


 Our Philosophy

For today’s managers, the challenge has become how to stay informed while performing the day-to-day activities that are critical to company success. We understand the accurate and timely information – ‘actionable’ information as it has come to be known – is essential to making the judgments needed to manage a department, product, service, or company. Because we make it our responsibility to cut through the clutter and the noise of modern information gathering and assessment, company decision makers turn to us for the answers they need to achieve their objectives.

Our History

Greystone was formed in 2003 to serve an unmet need for market research that focused on drug delivery. As interest in our publications continued to grow, we moved beyond mainstream devices and dosage forms to analyze and assess specialty drug delivery and point-of-care segments such as dual chamber injectors, closed system drug transfer devices, point-of-care drug reconstitution, and connected drug delivery devices. During the past fifteen years, we have had the privilege of working with both large multinational companies as well as start-ups and niche technology players. Our technology assessments, market knowledge and strategic insight have allowed us to forge relationships with industry leaders across the globe, and today we proudly count twenty-one of the top twenty-five global pharma and biotech companies as clients.


Our Research

Our reports are carefully researched and written to provide timely and insightful analysis of key factors and developments shaping the commercial marketplace. The focused nature of our publications is designed to allow readers to identify emerging demand and growth opportunities in selected markets. Numerous charts, tables and graphs complement the text, with evaluations and assessments of current and probable future market developments, technology issues and business factors – information necessary to compete effectively in the global marketplace.