Medical Technology Decision Support


Our Practice

Greystone Research Associates is focused on providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive market knowledge, strategic direction and technology intelligence for the life science technology and market sectors that comprise our practice areas. We provide this knowledge and insight to our clients and subscribers through structured information tools, real-time market advisories, and tailored consulting.  


Our Focus

Our focus is on medical technology, a sector that includes diagnostic and therapeutic devices, products and systems, patient monitors and remote health screening and evaluation. We meticulously map and assess the global medical technology landscape. Our products and services assist life science product market participants in identifying, locating, engaging and assessing opportunities for growth and profitability that address their business targets and professional goals.


Our Value

Greystone was formed in 2003 to serve an unmet need for market knowledge that focused on emerging technology. As interest in our practice continued to grow, we moved beyond mainstream devices and dosage forms to analyze and assess specialty markets and point-of-care segments. During the past fifteen years, we have had the privilege of working with both large multinational companies as well as start-ups and niche technology players. We continue to evaluate life science technology developments with the aim of providing knowledge of evolving engineering developments to product developers and business planners.


Customer Defined Research

The information that you and your management team require to execute your business and market strategies is unique to your organization and business model. This is why – in addition to the multi-client reports you will find on our site – we offer client-specific research information tools that start with customer-defined needs and culminate in assessments and analysis that answer the questions that represent risk, as well as opportunity, to your business. Contact us to discuss Greystone’s Customer Defined Research services.