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Prefilled Syringe Devices, Products, Markets and Forecasts
Supply-side Maturity, Demand-side Evolution

About This Report

Price: US $3,850

Publication: January 2014

Product Code: PSJ888R

The administration of therapeutic drugs via injection is an indispensable delivery method for numerous drugs critical to patient health and well-being. Now this segment is evolving in response to changing patient populations, new classes of powerful therapeutic drugs and healthcare administration initiatives. Population demographics and efforts by managed care providers to control healthcare costs are driving the growth in drug self-administration, particularly for chronic conditions, introducing a new class of nave users to parenteral drug delivery. For Fill-and-Finish contractors, market proximity is an important competitive factor. As the use of prefilled syringes continues to grow, the issue of prefilled syringe safety has received increased attention, with both integrated prefillable safety syringes and safety solutions designed to accommodate existing prefillable syringes advancing commercially. This report analyzes eleven important prefilled syringe therapeutic segments and examines key regulatory, economic and competitive factors that represent potential barriers to commercial success.

Provides detailed analysis of prefilled syringe market segments, market dynamics and market demographics

Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial prefilled syringe products in eleven major therapeutic segments

Examines design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues

Provides product data, market share, and forecasts

Profiles injectable drug and device participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations
Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Prefilled Syringes in 2014

Entrenched Suppliers
Evolving Injector Initiatives
Maturing Supply Chains
Industry Alignment
Competitive Landscape
Demand Drivers

PFS Supplier Dynamics

Leaders and Followers
Capabilities and Infrastructure
Supplier Integration
Materials Science
Key Alliances

Device Supply Chain

Supply Chain Structure
Supplier Relationships
Supply Risk

Manufacturing Service Sector

Service Segments
Materials and Process Science
Contract Fill/Finish
Testing and Validation
Market Factors

Therapeutic Market Factors

Drug Discovery and Development
Diseases and Indications
Patient Demographics
Dosing Frequency and Safety
Managed Care Initiatives

Prefilled Syringes Design Factors

Drug Stability and Shelf Life
Material Selection Issues
Point-of-Use Reconstitution
Caregiver Safety
Needle Configuration Strategies
Human Engineering/Ergonomics

Prefilled Syringes Commercial Devices

Prefillable Therapeutic Injectables

Glass Prefillable Syringes
Plastic Prefillable Syringes
Ready-to-Fill Safety Syringes

Specialty Prefillable Syringes

Flush Syringes
Diluent Syringes
Imaging Agent Syringes

Competing Prefilled Devices

Bundled PFS + Autoinjector
Prefilled Pen Injectors
Prefilled Needle-free Injectors

Prefilled Syringe Market Segments

Prefilled Therapeutic Injectables

Autoimmune Diseases
Emergency Medicine
Hematopoietics and Related Erythropoiesis Stimulating Proteins
Metabolic Diseases
Reproductive Health

Non-API Prefilled Syringe Segments

Diagnostic Imaging 

Market Factors

Self-Administration and Patient Compliance
Regulatory Guidance and Product Approvals
The Evolving PFS Ecosystem

Prefilled Syringes Market Participant Profiles






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